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I needed to clear my head and heart. I needed to reassess my place in the infinite cosmos. I needed to think of how I fit into the grand ocean of time. I also needed to drop off my dry cleaning.

So, I took a camera or two along for the journey.

I saw things. A spiderweb worth noticing.

And I was so busy noticing the web that I almost missed what was behind the web.

On the birdbath.

A hawk. What type of hawk, I do not know. A quick google search of birds of prey in Texas lead me to a frustrating set of photos with no identifiers for what type of bird of prey I was looking at. So, once again, technology has failed me and I am left simply saying, I saw a hawk.

And I had no telephoto lens with me. So, I left and took pictures of flowers.

And buildings.

And this sight.

And of course, this can only mean that I Scotsman moved to the island and decided to never leave. “Aye’ll not be needing me luggage t’any longer.” And they simply chunked it. I am also fully aware that the previous sentence does not read like a Scotsman, but I should have mentioned that it was obviously a Scotsman who had spent considerable time in Ireland.

Finally, I came across a fairly ordinary house.

What caught my eye was the cowboy altar/totem/sacrificial pole by the grass covered driveway. Not sure what they were going for but damn if they didn’t get to somewhere weird.


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