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And I still don’t.

Here’s a picture of IMG_0328a man at Prince’s hamburger place. I’ve blurred him because I don’t want anyone to know his dark secret.

This man, this seemingly innocuous individual, the face in a crowd . . . really . . . likes . . . Rita Hayworth. Okay, it’s not really a dark secret. In fact, if you watch her singing in Gilda, you’ll understand really liking Rita Hayworth.

As I was waiting for my hamburger, I noticed this man. For about five minutes he was staring intently up at that image of Rita in Gilda. That’s five minutes after I noticed. He might have spent his entire lunch looking up at Rita. I took this photo after he’d lost himself in thoughts of what would never be.

Sitting there, for at least five minutes just staring at that poster. I have to say, I was . . . jealous. He’d gotten my seat. I wanted to be looking at that poster, dammit.


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