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Has anyone ever tried to kill me?

This came up in a non-sequitur the other evening. I made mention that “better people have tried to kill me before and failed” or something very close to that. One person seemed shocked. In my defense the comment was made in relation to early soviet cinema, so you can see how it the conversation was bound to drift to that question. How many times have you been at a cocktail party, convention. or Irish wake where the topic of Lev Kuleshov, Dziga Vertov, or dialectal montage comes up? I know, too many times to count and every time the topic drifts to “Has anyone ever tried to kill you?”. Like clockwork, let me get you a drink > Battleship Potemkin > Overtonal Montage > Has anyone ever tried to kill you?

I think the answer fo me is always a very definite maybe.

After the topic had come up, the conversation drifted to my house being haunted. Cliché, I know. I really need to get out more, but no one will invite me. I’m the soviet montage, haunted house guy that everyone maybe wants to kill.

Well, then a breaker tripped in my house. I went to the fuse box, moving three painted portraits (Doug Toby, Charlie Sheen and Charles Whitman) done my brother to get there. Flipped the breaker back on and the house went full Poltergeist. The lights dimmed, appliances turned on and off and on and off, the lights got bright and then dim again… Then the breaker made a crackling hissing noise with a spark thrown in for good measure.

I did not have a good night’s sleep last night waiting for my house to burn down.

I did grabbed some images of my brother’s paintings.

I photographed them from some odd angles and I apologize for the distortion.

Doug Toby as Aardvark by Michael Houk



Charlie Sheen as Matt

Charles Whitman by Michael Houk


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