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I got a haircut the week before the lock downs started. I haven’t gotten one since. I’m going to wait until it’s been a year before I get it cut back down to size. Why a year? I don’t know, but just like Luke eating the fifty eggs, it seemed a nice round number.

A few things going on with this photo. One is of course the hair. Two is the brain under the skull holding the skin to which the hair is tenuously attached at best. The brain has gotten me worried and has been letting me down a bit. Starting about the time I let the hair begin it’s slow growth the brain beneath has been making a slow slide in functionality. for two months over the summer I would pass out periodically every day fro thirty minutes to four or five hours, sometimes to or three times a day. Then I started forgetting how to spell words I know. Just can’t do it anymore. I’ll sit and stair and not know where to begin typing. That’s okay, because frankly, I can’t type all that well anymore. My left hand seems to be typing a bit faster than my right hand. Especially when there are repeated letters it jumps ahead and takes care of them before the right has gotten to the letters it needs to type. The left hand, as you know is the sinister hand, the mojo hand and it is going rogue. My brain has also started compartmentalizing things it doesn’t think I need to stress over. It will tell me “you already handled that” and tell me it is done. The part of the brain doing that isn’t into long term planning. It’s an instant gratification part of the brain and really screws me over when the thing it told I did should have actually been done.

So, right now, things for me are about as chaotic as the shadow of my hair above.

Also, while not inspired by Lee Friedlander while taking this photo. I was inspired by the chaos inside my head these days, it is a bit Lee Friedlander-ish and everyone should check out his fabulous photography if  you get a chance. A extra tidbit of information, as I typed” if you get”, my left and moved over to help type  if yogurt. Yeah I haven’t written much because it’s been a little hard these days.


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