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Friday’s walk didn’t quite go as planned. First off, I knew about the dangers of the drug Bath Salts, but on the walk we encounter some and man were the dogs and me surprised. First off, someone left them in the sidewalk. Secondly, I had no idea such a dangerous drug came in a cucumber IMG 0210& Aloe Vera scent. Who knew?

Then we moved on down the road to past the fence where the violet morning glories are always in bloom. It’s there we often encounter a stealth guard dog. One second, no dog. Then a second later, a vicious boxer comes leaping off his porch and sliding right into the gate for his yard, snarling. Henry will yank me off my feet to get to him and Cassie is also intent on attack. Marshal is indifferent to the whole matter. Normally, I’m ready for it, but Friday, I don’t know if I was lost int the cool weather. By cool, I mean in the mid 80’s, but cool for us weather.

The dogs slept, I was off guard. I gained control and we walked maybe five steps more before it became obvious Cassie was hurt. She was favoring her back right leg and holding in the air. She refused to walk anywhere. I called to get Kelly to come get us. She has had to do that one other time, when Cassie and Henry quite literally pulled me off my feet and I was the injured party. She was just getting out of the shower and would be a little while.

Then I noticed the pickup truck across the street and the man and woman standing talking.

“Excuse me? My big dogs broke my little dog. Can we get a ride?”

And we did. A nice man named Ralph lifted Cassie into the truck, I picked up Henry and Marshal and off we went.

So, really the point of this post is the dogs’s got to ride in a pickup truck.

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