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I did not get much accomplished yesterday. I tried. I did stuff. Much of what I did was wasted effort. The dogs were happy that I took them for a nice long walk. I then took a second walk to actually relax. Walking three dogs can be an exercise in maintaining verticality. Not everyday, but yesterday the dogs were not working well as a unit. Pulling this way and that, not agreeing on what the best smell was and each tangling their leash around my legs. Anyway, I went back out with camera in hand to take some pictures.

I just wanted to see pretty things. No comment on society in a quarantined world. No reflections on the peace and quiet when people are removed from the equation. I just wanted to photograph some flowers and rocks and trees. I did a terrible job of it. Just horrible. I do not know where my mind was. It definitely wasn’t on doing everything I needed to do to get a good shot.

“Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst.”

― Henri Cartier-Bresson

There is of course no guarantee that the next ten thousand will ever be good only that the first ten thousand will not be as bad. Still some people’s best is still the worst.

Yesterday was the worst.

You bore me, man. Bore me.

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