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I did not get his name, but I am supposed to go to a luau at his place at 7. He’s getting engaged. Cassie can come. She will be the only dog there and she is the only dog invited. The cops told him he had to leave. From where, I don’t know. He was looking for a place to get fresh herbs and flowers. He wanted to know who my favorite Astro was. He did not wait for a reply. His favorite Astro was J.R. Richard. His mom used to live by the dome on Lockwood. He was picking flowers from people’s yards. He used to party at Scott Glenn’s house. Drank White Russians there. Not with Jeff Bridges. He could have seen Jeff Bridges when he came to Longwood but his wife, his future ex-wife wouldn’t go. He used to be worth a million dollars. At least last time he checked. He blew it all, man. They’re trying to kill him. They tried to kill him in New Braunfels. They kept his kid there. Can you believe that bullshit? He wants to see the photo and hopes I can make it to the luau with Cassie. He did not know what street he was on. I feel bad about not going to the luau, but who am I kidding. I was never going to go. I have nothing to wear.

A little double dipping here between this blog and the one at 4381productions, but I don’t get out much these days to meet people like this.

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