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RIP Johnny Clegg.

Thought process: I read about his passing, remembered the lyric, saw the moon rising, grabbed my camera, shot this image with my dogs keeping watch, the mosquitoes biting, come inside, wrote this post and now I’m sad at the loss.

I think I know why the dog howls at the moon
I think I know why the dog howls at the moon
I sing dela, dela
When I’m with you
Dela, sondela mama
Sondela, I burn for you

– Johnny Clegg

Read about him and listen to him. Not a lot of video out there worth watching. Most is from him older after the tragic death of his friend and bandmate Dudu Zulu. The one time I saw him in concert, almost or maybe it was, thirty years ago he put on an amazing show at the Arcadia Theater in Dallas. The opening act was this woman with a guitar more suited to a mellow public radio Sunday afternoon show for those hoping to gently slip into a coma. She went on forever. She actually took the lack of applause as a sign to play one more song and even commented on it. Then, Johnny Clegg and Savuka took the stage. Three decades later, god I’m getting old, it still is the most energetic and one of the most amazing concerts I’ve ever attended.

Well, he’s gone, but you really should read about him and his band.

And of course listen to him.

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