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Rum and cocacola

I am a long time addict to Dr Pepper and I’m okay with that. I do not like Coca-cola. It is worth noting that when you add coca-cola to a heathy glass of rum, garnish with a lime and then mix in a Cohiba Miniature, the coca-cola becomes a much better thing. I wanted my cigar to end around the same time as the drink. So, I mixed a triple and smoked two.

I am oldThis all then made me think of the Andrews Sisters and their version of Rum and Coca Cola.

Andrews Sisters – Rum And Coca-Cola

Then I found I had Professor Longhair’s instrumental version called Rum and Coke.

Professor Longhair – Rum and Coke

Then that made me wonder who wrote the song in the first place and learned of Rupert Westmore Grant who sung Calypso under the coolest name I have recently come across – Lord Invader. He had his lyrics plagiarized by Moritz “Morey” Amsterdam, Yeah, that Morey Amsterdam from the Dick Van Dyke show. He had to pay Lord Invader for the lyrics after a lawsuit. Morey’s version was sung by the Andrew Sisters. The sisters had a recording date, got the song the night before and recorded it with a little extra time left over in their session. Ten minutes learning it, faking up an arrangement and recording and it sold seven million copies. Supposedly the sisters like the rhythm and didn’t pay attention to the lyrics that point out the women of Trinidad are prostituting themselves out for the Yankee Dollar.

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