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…one day in December. I’d been there too long and too often and there were never enough chairs. So, I walked away from the hospital room and went next door to the zoo. Next door was closed and I walked several miles around to the other door. The real door. The door that lets you in for free if you have the right card in your wallet.

I did.

I wanted to get away from it all for awhile.

I wanted to look.

I wanted to see. And smell. And explore. I wanted to be alone for a few hours or at least an hour or so.

I photographed this little guy. His name was Calderone Bastrado O’Malley O’Shea van Ronk but he went by Bubbles. He was an incredible poker player and took me for twenty bucks. He hated Texas Hold ‘Em. Too much dealing and folding. Five Card Draw was his game with Jacks or better to open.

None of that is true. Or it all is. I couldn’t know. My phone rang. “When are you coming back? You’re bringing something for lunch, right? Its okay if not, juts if you are can you get some lunch? The food here is terrible, but only if you are done and are coming back and grabbing lunch.”

I wanted to see. And smell. And explore. I wanted to be alone for a few hours at least an hour or so. I took three photos and left fifteen minutes into my day.

These are the three photos of two different birds.

I do not owe either of them anything.

Leaving was more important than staying.




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