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This is a repost of a story that I wrote years ago. The associated images were lost in a web migration and I have them again and thought, “Why not?”

And now the story.

Obviously, my granddad had the family out for a cool fall afternoon drive. The Cathcart family was along for the trip, just rolling along, windows down, cool breeze in their faces. Hank Williams singing on the radio, when my granddad leans over to Mr. Cathcart and says, “Why’d you do it, Phil? Why’d you talk to the feds?”

Cathcart looks into my grandfather’s eyes and realizes there is no point in trying to talk his way out of this one. So, he just bails from the moving car. Granddad pulls over to the side of the road and everyone piles out. Mrs. Cathcart’s got no problem with what is happening. She knows the rules, you snitch and you’ll find yourself dead right quick.

Granddad says, “Boy, go stand behind that tree. Ladies, excuse me while I kill this snitch.” Then, POP, POP.

Long ago my grandparents taught me, “the first one puts ’em down and the second one keeps ’em there.” And granddad never missed.

After the last echo of the second shot fades into the stillness of the fall day, all is silent. Then the boy speaks, “I want a chocolate malt.”

Granddad responds, “Chocolate malts for everyone.” They pile back into the car and never mention the events of the day again.

That’s probably not what was happening in the photo above, but I like to imagine it was. I mean, what else could be happening?


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