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You remember the car wreck, right? See, I don’t. There’s a bit of a gap. Like a couple of year long gap. It’s gone.


I wasn’t living life like I should have been. I wasn’t being true to myself. I was ripe for a fall. I just didn’t expect it to come with such force.

Two years is a hell of a long time to miss. The thing is, me missing two years did not in anyway impact the world. Not one damn bit. It kept spinning. Everyone kept living or dying; take your pick.

I was taking a lot of photos right after. Most were to help me remember what the hell I was up to and some were for art’s sake. I should have been taking photos throughout the years leading up to the wreck. I should have been paying attention to my life. Anyway, I wasn’t and years are gone to me through no fault of the wreck. But, as in all things, I digress.

Back to the thing, the social media thing. I left it. I was taking photos and posting them daily. It got the better of me and social media made me very antisocial. So, I just walked away, figuratively speaking. I heard from a few people that they missed my posts; a few being two which makes it a couple of people. A couple sounds so small in the grand scheme of things. A thousand plus images out there in the world and only missed by a couple? Now, when you’re alone in the world, looking for a date on Saturday night, a couple is more than the world. A thousand plus images and a couple is downright depressing.

Now, if you missed the posts and said nothing; well that too is cool. Each to their own. If you have been wondering where I went, well I died and went to the sea to live.

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