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I was walking back to class after a quick trip to my office. I passed by a group walking and heard one of the men say, “but his hair looks too good when he combs it flat to the top.”

Maybe it’s me and my questionable hair, but how in the world to you comb it flat to the top?

I was once in a situation involving some a circus, some orphans, the Dominican Republic. One of the orphans pointed at my head and said “calvo.” I didn’t know the word. A person next to me thought it meant soup. I said that my Spanish was poor, but I knew that it didn’t mean soup.

The orphan pointed to his head and then my head and said “calvo.” The person next to me said “Oh, he’s saying you’re bald.” I liked the soup explanation better. I looked at the orphan and said, “al menos tengo padres,” and punched him in the eye.

Just kidding.

It was the stomach.


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