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Is it a nose? Is it hair? It is nose hair? Is it a penis? Or is it one of the greatest artistic representations of man ever? Nope, it's a penis.

Is it a nose? Is it hair? It is nose hair? Is it a penis? Or is it one of the greatest artistic representations of the human form ever? Nope, it’s a penis.

Being the bad husband that I was last week, I decided it best to try to be a good husband this morning and took my wife antiquing – kind of. We went to an antique auction that happens every Monday. We hadn’t been in a few years and I was kind of curious to see what the economy has done to prices at the auctions. Things were selling for a hell of a lot less and to fewer people than before. I basing that off one auction only, but this morning we weren’t going to buy anything because we’re broke from buying things at earlier auctions. So, we just sort of window shopped and watched what things were selling for all the while thinking that the excellent deals we got a few years ago actually sucked compared to what we could be buying in a depressed economy. Then I got sad.

Actually, today’s auction might have been an aberration. They did not have nearly the quality that they normally do, but it’s based off of cargo from overseas shippers. It is a hit or miss prospect. The quality was down, but the boobs were up. Never have I seen in one place so many bronze representations of the female form at auction.

The boobs ranged from the primitive, the primitively done (a bust including a bust and what appears to be a penis shaped hair/nose), Victorian bronze boobs, fake Victorian bronze boobs, Edward Hopper meets Blondie meets Betty Boop boobs, and bronze nudes that appeared to have been done by an artist who had hundreds of Nagel prints on his wall and a collection of Playboys from the seventies.

If there was one thing there that I would have purchased it probably would have been this antique Gran Marnier bottle.


If you ever are going to buy me a gift, I encourage everyone to try buying me a gift at list once in your lifetime. You might find that you really enjoy it. Anyway, if you were going to buy me something, might I suggest and antique and useless bottle. I love them for some unknown reason. That or playing cards.

Overall, it was a disappointing lot at auction.

The nudes went for too much.

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