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I live in Houston. When the city was first founded in 1836 a German missionary wrote back home and described his forecast for the future of the city. I’m paraphrasing, but his letter home said something to the effect of “the citizens have congregated around the river and marshy areas where they will surely perish like flies.”

We certainly showed him, but was it such a good idea to go to such elaborate lengths to prove one German missionary wrong.

Please, don’t get me wrong. I love this city, but don’t ask me to explain why I do. It’s not for the beautiful terrain. What we have here is flat. Hot and flat, but at least it’s also really humid. We have snow once every decade or so. This year, we’ve already had numerous days where you needed the air conditioner one day and then the heater the next. Or sometimes both in the same day.

Did I mention the humidity?

Traffic? Yeah, we got that too. A.J. Foyt once said that driving the Indy 500 was easy since he’d already driven on I-10 in Houston at rush hour. Again, I’m paraphrasing something I heard or read 35 years ago.

So, heat, traffic, flat. What else am I missing? Oh yeah, mosquitos. Just got my first bite of the year while walking the dog the other night.

Once bitten


With the heat and the humidity, certain plants and trees love it here. Each Spring, we are reminded just how many plants out there are doing their damnedest to be fertile and make more plants and trees.

We know this, because the city is coated in a fine yellow powder every March. I first noticed this year’s onslaught on my car the other morning while filling up.

But, it’s always the best after a rain storm when the pollen floats on puddles. When the water evaporates you are left with wonderful yellow designs. . . and hay fever.

I really do love this city. Just, please, don’t ask me to explain why.




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