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I walked out of my house around 9:30 on Christmas morning and was struck by just how vacant the streets were.

“Didn’t anybody get a bike for Christmas? Did anybody get a football? A new baseball bat and glove? A basketball?  A Red Rider b.b. gun? What the hell?” Then I admonished myself for thinking “what the hell” on Christmas, but still, what the hell?

I guess everyone got video games, BluRays, iPads, or grounded.

I have to sound like a grumpy old man now and say that back in my day, you got up early, you got your parents up early, you opened your gifts and then you got outside to play with them. And we liked it that way.

Not a long post and to add some filler, here’s a photo of my Christmas tree and my cat.

Miss Kitty and the tree.

Miss Kitty and the tree.

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