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"Jimmy, I've got an idea. Bring your camera to work one day."

“Jimmy, I’ve got an idea. Bring your camera to work one day.”

“You wanted to see the brownie? Here it is.”

“Does it have film in it?”


“Hey, Millicent, Jimmy brought the brownie. It’s got film and everything.”

“Ooh. Take my picture.”


“Take mine two!”

“Yes. You can’t take my picture unless you take Mildred’s picture too!”

“Okay, okay girls. I tell you what we’ve got enough film to take everybody’s pictures… But not here in the office.  Millicent, Mildred, Ruth, Dorothy, Anna, Zelda, Daisy, Rosalind, Hazel, you girls all head on up to the roof.”

“Don’t forget Bernice.”

“Which one is she?”

“She’s the one who bobbed her hair.”

“Of course we can’t forget her. All you girls up to the roof. We’ll be up in a minute.”

“Jimmy, I hope you’ve got a lot of film because there is a good chance we might get to see some girls ankles, maybe even a knee or two.”

“Isn’t this illegal?”

“Well, it’s 1925 in El Dorado, Arkansas, so, yeah. It probably is. Now get that camera up to the roof.”

Just another day at the office.

“You can’t take my picture if you don’t take hers, too.”

“I see bloomers… calm down…. You want to be a sheik, act like a sheik not some bluenose.”

“Look at all that ankle…”


We’re all going to jail for this.




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