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It wasn’t a pretty building, but it had been around for a while. It served it’s purpose well, but now it’s gone. Downtown used to be a happening place before suburban malls took the shoppers away. We also used to live in a world with no ATM’s, few credit cards and blue laws. Think about it. The world is a disorganized mess run by people who really haven’t gotten a plan beyond the nose in front of their face.

You don’t need to be organized. You don’t need to think ahead. But, depending on your age, your parents or your grandparents had their acts together. Why? Because they had to. If you needed money for the weekend, you damn sure better make it to the bank during the week. If you want to get some shopping done, do it on your lunch break downtown because the stores weren’t going to be open late.

Well, there’s one less reminder of that old way of thinking. The imploded the old Foley’s building on Sunday morning.


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