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First responders did a great job.

I witnessed a wreck today. It was caused by someone who I’m guessing, didn’t have a clue how to drive in the rain.

First off, both people in this pickup were relatively okay. Driver seemed unhurt, passenger had a cut on his wrist. Could have been much worse. Much much worse. On a personal note, it could have involved me. I’m lucky that it didn’t.


I was heading north on a two lane black top highway. It started pouring down rain and rained pretty heavy for 20 minutes or so. I was heading across a bridge over a small river when a silver GMC Sierra came down a small hill in front of me. The truck started to hydroplane. The driver hit the brakes, started to fishtail and head into my lane. They then over corrected for their skid, started sliding sideways and then spun heading into the guard rail on the opposite side of the road. They hit the guard rail, flipped over one time and landed upright with the front third of the truck hanging over the river.

I immediately pulled over, called 911 and went to help. Two pickups had stopped to help. Both worked for the same company and one headed on to whatever job site they were supposed to be at. The other guy and I stayed to help the two people in the truck and to direct traffic. A work crew from another company showed up. Those guys had safety vests. They jumped out and started directing the flow of traffic from both directions. Definitely on it and definitely knew what they were doing. Very cool and no question about helping out.

A few feet more and this would have been much worse.

The passenger, a Santa Claus looking guy, had a cut on his wrist. He was holding a rag to stop the blood. I called 911 again to say we definitely needed an ambulance. Santa waved me over to the truck.

“You need something for your wrist? A clean towel?” I asked.

“Need a light.” Santa held up a cigarette with his bloody hand.

The other guy helping gave Santa a light and we waited to the police and ambulance to get there. They made good time, broke out the jaws of life to free Santa, took my statement and the police told me a good restaurant to grab lunch.

The driver was okay, but Santa had the cut and a broken leg. The sad thing – he already had a broken leg. One leg was in a cast and that’s why his daughter or granddaughter was driving. As I clarified earlier, she was not a good driver.

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