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“Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.”

Today’s film was The Godfather. I’m always amazed that the same filmmaker who brought you this cinematic masterpiece also brought you Godfather Part III. I started out by playing the students the section from the Robert Evan’s documentary on the making of the Godfather. It gives some interesting insight on the part of one crazy producer working with one crazy director.

Gordon Willis’ cinematography is outstanding. The acting is of course fantastic. I wish the projector in the theater we are using was more up to date. The film is so dark, I’d like a projector with a higher contrast ratio.

The kids really enjoyed the film and did a pretty nice job following the rather intricate personal and family relationships that play out in the film.

There is always one thing that bothers me about this film. When Sonny beats the crap out of  his brother-in-law, Carlo, he has one punch that he misses with by a mile and Carlo still reacts like he got hit. It is an epic and deserved beat down, except for that one punch. I am very much against filmmaker’s going back into their films and “improving them”. I’d make an exception in this case. I’d actually chip in a few bucks to make Sonny’s punch connect with Carlo there. It would be worth it. I’d also chip in a few bucks to digitally alter Peggy Sue Got Married to change the part where Coppola made the film in the first place.

Everyone have a happy Fourth of July tomorrow.

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