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Today’s film was that 1975 classic Jaws, in honor of the upcoming Fourth of July holiday. Many of the kids had seen Jaws before, but not the BluRay transfer from the original 35 mm film. Very nice picture quality. Since many had seen it before, I tried to emphasize the lengths that you had to go to if you wanted to see Jaws in the theater. If you were in Houston, you needed to trek down to the Galleria and then stand in line for three hours or so waiting to get into the one screen that was playing it. I was a little too young to wait in the Jaws lines, but I definitely remember waiting to see Star Wars two years later. The lines snaked out of the theater and through the mall.

They were shocked to learn a movie stayed in the theater for months if it was popular and that if you didn’t see it in the theater you had to wait until it showed on TV years later.

It is a far different world from 1975. Jaws made over $200,000,000 in its U.S. theatrical run. The new Lone Ranger cost more than that to make and market. Of course, accounting for inflation Jaws grossed over a billion and a half dollars. Not too shabby for a fish tale.

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