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I was only in for the movie today, so I’m not sure how productions are going. I thought this week could use a little levity. We started with M, moved to Casablanca and then Band of Outsiders. Tomorrow will be Anatomy of a Murder. Today’s film was Young Frankenstein, in honor of Mel Brooks getting an A.F.I. Lifetime Achievement Award. I started out by showing the “It’s alive” scene from Frankenstein and then the introduction of the monster to his bride and the old blind man scenes from “Bride of Frankenstein.” That was, they had a frame of reference for the visual and thematic elements that Young Frankenstein was building upon. They laughed at all the right points and there were a few shocked gasps and nervous giggles during the “Sweet Mystery of Life” portion featuring Madeline Kahn and Peter Boyle.

Sorry for the brevity of these last two posts, but I’m still fighting a bug. You’d think I could handle a bug, but this one’s kickin’ my butt a bit.

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