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First day of production for all the groups. I hope to have some behind the scene stills to show later. Five groups of kids out and about shooting their own narratives.

Today’s movie was “Casablanca”. I think much of the sparkling dialog might have slipped past the kids today, but they were out in Texas heat shooting all day. So, you know, it might have been heat stroke. Still, I think they liked it even if they missed some of it.

Quick note on the nod, you know the one that signals the band to play “La Marseillaise”. The one that signals Rick will no longer be neutral. The one that causes Rick’s to be closed and the final act to unfold. Apparently, director Michael Curtiz told Bogart he was going to have any easy day. He just needed to walk out and nod; and then he could go home. Bogart asked what he was nodding at, why he was nodding. Curtiz told him not to ask so many questions. Just nod and then go home. So, Bogart did – and he nailed it.

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