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“M”? Yep, that’s right “M”. Fritz Lang’s serial killer/police procedural following the attempts by the police and the criminal element in Berlin to catch a serial killer of children. Lang’s first sound film features late sections of silence. The sound providing wonderful dramatic punches. No music, save for the off-key whistling of Grieg’s In the Hall of The Mountain King (Click on the link and to 5:00 minutes in to hear the work with a orchestra and choir. Not sure how many people ever hear it with the choir).

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More discussion from the students today than from any film last week. The majority of the class felt the killer should be executed for his crimes. Three of them felt he was insane and should be spared. All three said that it was the speech the killer (played brilliantly by a very pudgy Peter Lorre) made at the end that swayed their opinion.

Dark themes, but wonderfully done.


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