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Today’s film was Rules of the Game. I don’t show Rules of the Game. Paul S. shows it. I grow weary of the bunny massacre that takes place in the film. I know it is a wonderful film. I know the mise en scène is incredible and worthy of study. I understand the bunny massacre is a crucial turning point in the narrative. I understand its scandalous condemnation of the aristocracy. I just don’t want to watch the bunny slaughter every single summer. It gets me down.

Still, word is the kids liked it and had a good discussion afterward. They also shot their first projects today.

We shall put the dead bunnies over there.

Hey, wanna kill some bunnies and use the hunting scene as a psychological shifting point to our own narratives?
You bet!
And is there a servant handy my friend might chase around the room for a while?

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