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Today’s movie was Citizen Kane. If you haven’t seen it, you really should. The key to getting high schoolers to enjoy Citizen Kane seems to be lowering their expectations. The same logic might apply to everyone who hasn’t seen it. You might have heard for years that it was the greatest movie ever made. To you the greatest movie in history would feature a lot of explosions and copious amounts of nudity. You are not going to get that with Kane. So go into it just planning on seeing a movie. You shouldn’t be disappointed. Of course, you might have to see it four or five times before you get the brilliance of the filmmaking, but the first time you see it should be with low expectations.

Three days in and the kids will shoot their first projects tomorrow morning. Five groups with one simple interaction to shoot. The scene will be silent. Two people enter a room. Both extremely thirsty. There is a single bottle of water. Both eye each other for a moment before entering into a struggle for the water. As they struggle a third person enters and simply takes the water and leave. Their task is to make the audience want the water as much as the two characters in the film. No dialog, just carefully composed camera shots to make us thirsty as can be.

Should be fun.

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