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Another day done. Not as hectic as the first, but there was a group in the theater before us and they had the room booked until one. They were still going strong at 1:10 and then finally there was applause at 1:15. I don’t know about you, but the applause at the end usually means that what you saw was indeed the end and well the end means it’s over. So these folks kept talking until 1:25.

I’d told my kids to meet at the theater at 1:30 and all of them came back from lunch early and were sitting around waiting. Quite politely and well mannered about the inconvenience, but they shouldn’t have to wait because someone else went over time.

So, at 1:30 I walked into the theater and loaded up my movie for the day. When the menu screen for Stagecoach came up and the music started blaring, well, the folks that were still there kind of finally got the hint.

Either it was the most engaging discussion ever, or the folks there just really didn’t want to go back to the office, because they just wouldn’t leave.

I’m not sure how well they liked Stagecoach today. They said they did, but they are extremely good students and they also might just be polite.  I’m not sure how many of them understood that the reason everyone treated Dallas so poorly was because she was a prostitute. Everyone except the Ringo Kid and Doc Brown that is. I asked how many missed the fact she was a prostitute and only two out of 28 said they had no clue, but I have a feeling the number was higher than that.

I guess it should be reassuring that high schoolers can’t easily spot a 19th century lady of the evening.

If I taught them only one thing today, it was that when you “call shotgun”  it goes back to the days when riding shotgun meant you were the one carrying the shotgun in the front seat next to the stage driver.

George Bancroft as Curley riding shotgun. That's Andy Devine on the left playing Buck.

George Bancroft as Curley riding shotgun. That’s Andy Devine on the left playing Buck.

I would be remiss to mention Andy Devine and not mention the song that has been stuck in my head all day. “Pencil Thin Mustache” by Jimmy Buffet, because I too “wish I had a pencil thin mustache, the Boston Blackie kind, a two toned Ricky Ricardo jacket and an autographed picture of Andy Devine.”

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