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In 1931 my granddad and grandma took a cruise. The image above is from the passenger list of everyone on the cruise and the date they returned to the Port of New Orleans. My grandparents were in El Dorado when they took the cruise. That means they probably drove all the way from New Orleans back to south Arkansas in August, without A/C or an interstate highway system. Of course, I don’t know where they caught the ship. As you can see, it is listed as sailing from Christobal in the Canal Zone on August 8th and arriving in New Orleans on the 12th of August, 1931.

I can’t be sure of everywhere the cruise went but, in addition to the document above, I do have some photos that let me know they went to Cuba and passed through the Panama Canal.

I’m also trying to piece together if the photos I have show more than one cruise. I know they were on the Cefalu when they came back into the U.S., but there are also photos of people on the Catalina, also referred to as the new Catalina. Of course, my grandfather had these in a drawer when he passed away. Were they sent to him by someone on a different cruise than the one he was on? I know he definitely was on the Cefalu in August of 1931, but there is little else that I know.

I’m also not sure who else went with them on the cruise that I know they took. Still, there are some great pictures of their time away or someone else’s time away or who-the-hell-knows’ time away.

Excuse the Toes

Excuse the Toes



The back of the photo read.

On the Beach 2Another Bathing beauty photo103

Another bathing photo.

Another bathing photo.


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