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I was looking for another of my grandfather’s photos to post and I was looking for one in particular. I couldn’t find it in the finder folder I have them stashed away in. I realized that, not only was I missing the photo I was looking for, I was missing about 150 others as well. Now, I know in today’s day and age, some people have 150 photos of today’s lunch. The hamburger and fires looked so artistic, they were screaming out for photographic documentation.

No. These are scans of photos from way back. I think the oldest photo I have of his was taken in Chicago around 1900. Even in that photo, my grandfather had more style than I do. Anyway, these photos are when a photograph was still a precious thing.

Late 1890's in Chicago. This looks like an odd version of a band photo for the back album cover. My grandfather off to the side would have been the lead singer and the other brothers would have been the rest of the band

Late 1890’s in Chicago. This looks like an odd version of a band photo for the back album cover. My grandfather is the one on the right. Does that make him the singer or the guitarist who really wrote all the songs? The other brothers would have been the rest of the band. Even at that young age, he still had more style than I do today.

When I scanned them, I backed them up to CD-RW discs. I probably scanned them in 1996 or 97.  I still have the discs I backed them up to, but when I load those old CD-RWs into my computer the contents of the discs show up in my finder for less than a second and then disappear. The computer knows there is stuff on the discs but it won’t let me access the files. It is quiet annoying to have what I want sitting there but completely out of reach.

Luckily, at some point my brain kicked in and reminded itself that I had seen the photo I was looking for before and that I was actually using it for the background on my iPad. That meant I had it somewhere on a drive. I have lots of hard drives tucked away here and there and there and here. I spin them up from tie to time to keep them working and move data around from drive to drive to keep it fresh. Did you know you need to migrate your data from hard drive to hard drive every six months or you risk the data becoming corrupted while it sits on your shelf.

It happened to be residing on the first hard drive I found. All 386 photos, safe and sound.

Looks like they were using Kodak Brownies to shoot with.

Another photographing the photographers.

Another photographing the photographers.

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