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Okay, this image was selected using a random number generator to pick the binder, the negative sheet, the row of images and the image on the row.

Random numbers

• Binder 3 of 3

• Negative sheet 18 of 100 (actually page 18 was a 4×5 neg which I can’t scan, so 18th page of 35mm)

• Row of negative on sheet 1 of 7

• Image – 1 of 4

Mud Man on Tax Day – taken in probably 2002 in front of Notsuoh on April 15th. The construction barriers were for the light rail line down Main St. I was helped out that day by Michelle G. We did this as part of a public art class that we were taking at UH.

In front of Notsuoh in downtown Houston.

Mud Man on Tax Day

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