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These were taken somewhere between Miami and Key West and long time ago. I have three binders of negatives. I decided to randomly flip open one of them and scan the negatives on the row. Then I got tired and scanned only two. I was curious to see if I remembered taking the photos and for a change I did. I was shooting mass transit for a client video and I was in Denver, flew into Miami to shoot their Mass transit downtown and had a day to kill so I drove to Key West. I rented a moped down there and everything was fine, until I got out of the city and onto the road by the ocean. There was a hurricane approaching. It hit the day after I left, but the outer storm bands were already close to the Keys. Anyway, I came out of the shelter of buildings, onto an open stretch of road and was blown sideways by the force of the wind. It kind of ended my moped adventure a little early that day.

Anyway, I think you can tell how windy it was from the palm tree pic.

I might do this random dive into the negatives again. All I need is some D&D multi-sided die and I could completely geek out my negative diving. One die for the binder (three options), two ten sided dice for the negative sheet and one six sided die for the row of negative and one last role for which negative out of five to scan. If anyone reads this with their dice handy or if anyone has a random number generator handy, send me the numbers and I’ll post whatever negative come up. I might have to blur somethings. Some of these were taken while I was getting my M.F.A..

Somewhere on A1a

Somewhere on A1a


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