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I download pictures all the time and then forget that I’ve downloaded them. Some I think are cool and some I think I will work into lectures. I’m really bad at making any kind of notation as to where I get an image. They just sort of show up in a folder that I run across years down the line.

Apparently, on Thursday, June 24, 2004 at 11:02 PM, I downloaded this family portrait. It’s a scary ass family. But whose family? And what is up with Ruprecht on the left there. They had him chained up off camera, but he managed to break free and sneak into the edge of the frame. And Grandma, or is it an old looking mom? Well no matter, she just really couldn’t give a damn about the whole enterprise. And Dad and the girl in the middle are about to go on a killing spree. Not as a team, mind you, but more as a competition.

An interesting group

An interesting group

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